WHAT IS CHI: Balancing Your Chi

What is chi? ( Qi)- means “vital energy” in Chinese. It also considered as the “bio-electricity” or “energy” which keeps us going. This energy normally flows through all living things. This they refers to us “life force” . It’s the energy that present and circulates in the earth.

The Chinese believe that there are two main types of Chi, one of which is the Original Chi or the Pre-Birth. It’s the energy that our parents pass on to us and received it through birth. This Chi is limited in amount and it’s innate. Another is Post- Birth which we obtained from nature, from the outside force, from the heaven, earth and in everything that surround us. We have the so-called personal Chi that defines how we look, our personality, our traits and characteristics even though the cell in our body has regenerated our being individualistic is still constant courtesy of the Chi we have.

Our body is the channel wherein the Chi flows in a meridians and vessel. There are times that our body doesn’t received the adequate chi due to our lifestyle, practices and exposure. There are tendencies that the Chi that we’ve received may be lesser or excessive making our Chi imbalance. This will affect our functions and our primal health in the long run.

The Facts That You Should Know: Imbalance Chi makes us down, dispirited, depressed, restless, stagnant, lifeless or motionless. This affect your normal functions and blocks your potentials. Chi stimulates our brain, muscles, organs and all parts of our body. This must circulates in all part of our body to avoid having health problems.

How To Balance Your Chi?
Exercise such as Aerobics is one of the best way to balance our chi. It can regulates the yin-yang components in our body. Yin means refers to us feminine energy that is dark, quite and passive, while the Yang is the masculine that is light and active together they form a yin-yang called “Tao” that defines as “the way”. Tai Chi or Qi Gong were the exercise often times recommended by The Traditional Chinese Medicine(TMC) – it’s an ancient Chinese traditional practitioner that studies that human health problems that considered to be originated from energy imbalance. Putting a living plant instead of ornamental inside your room will balance your Chi. Another method is through meditation in a cozy serene place more preferably if it’s done in an open place surrounded by nature. Colors also helps in balancing our Chi. Refrain from having too dark or too bright colors nor just sticking with earth tones color alone. You must balance the color properly to generate good energy perceived by your eyes.

Chi is the energy that animates our body. This makes us alive and bubbly. Anything that occurs during energy regulation and circulation will naturally affect our health.