What is contentment? Good and Bad Effects

People never really come close to the point of contentment. Everybody wish to be somebody else nor wish to have something else instead. Sometimes we never get enough of what we have. And often times we wish something we don’t have. What is contentment? And where do we derived this feelings? Contentment is state of being satisfied and being content. Whenever we arrived with our goal in life and achieved it, we get this feeling of “sense of accomplishment”. We rejoice and celebrate with that acquisition.

As we go through our life, we learn through things accordingly. Some of us learn to appreciate the beauty of life and what good it can offer us while others aren’t contented enough and still continuously seeking. Through that experiences that we had encounter may be bad or good we draw our strength and inspiration making us to survive all life trials and challenges. It help us grow to the person we become. Every human is a dreamer, we dream the impossible. We are a great dreamer to fit in shoe.

The Good and Bad Effects of Contentment: If you have in your heart the feeling of contentment, you will definitely enjoy whatever you had. Even though how trivial it may be nor invaluable. Thus for others what you got is not even better but once find your own piece of happiness with that you’ll get the feeling of accomplishment and complete sheer enjoyment. This approach will generates a positive energy, you’ll have a balance and stress free mind that would create a more happy-fulfilling life.

When does contentment turns out to be in bad shape? Whenever a person stops dreaming and aiming for his goal, that person never grow and eventually that person begin to be stuck in one point. For that person is contented of living a very low despicable life and doesn’t wanna welcome change. That person is content being unprincipled, that person is content to be a paralyzed and just depending too much from other.These are some to name a few of bad effects of being just merely contented without having his eagerness towards change. lacking of spirit to strive and persevere.

We all know that being uncontented can result from hurting others and yourself as well. This can cause damage and can harm your personal relation with others and can damage your own self.

But we should bear in mind the greater good effects of being contented for “A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.” . Lucky are those who got this spirit.


~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂