A beautiful love that fails…


I know one day we will get there
I know one day you will get tired and sick of me.
I Know one day your love will fade.
And I often told you bout that many times.
But even though I know this day would come
I still live each day sticking on to my
blind faith in you.
believing that you are always there holding on…
But I was such a fool to believe.

Actually I’m really expecting that this very day will come.
I told you how I am from the very start.
You said you accept me for what I am
and you won’t asked me to change for who I am.
Despite of all of these you always told me that you wont quit.
But I was such a fool to believe.

You always told me you love my possessive feelings
and my extreme jealousy didn’t affect you
You told me that no one can separate us
But I was such a fool to believe.

You are the only one that touched my heart sooo deep,
You’re the only one that taught me love.
I never regret every single day that I spend with you
You give me hopes and dreams that someday somehow
…wishes do come true
But I was such a fool to believe.

Those more than two years I admit were not always a rosy life
There were times we had conflicts but you always hold on..
for every struggles we learn to be strong.
You told me I’m your weakness and
You can’t take losing this beautiful love we had.
But I was such a fool to believe.

You became my life, my soul, my joys, my fantasies
my whole world circle around you,
I felt complete when I’m with you.
You made me believe that I could be loved.
But I was such a fool to believe.

While I’m writing this article tears can’t stop running from my eyes.
I can’t believe that you put an end to this beautiful love we had.
Don’t worry I don’t hate you,
I told you I would always understand…
I thank you for the love you gave me,
that once in my life I had felt love.
as you turn your back and walk away
just do take my heart
for this silly fool doesn’t need that anymore.

I wont be proud to be legally single
For I this heart of mine will never be open for a new love.
thanks for letting me be a part of your life,
even for those short but sweet
That I consider the best years in my life.
oh god I hadn’t enough of you,
I was not yet over you.
I know one day time heal all wounds.
As you move along, this silly fool wish that
You’ll find a perfect true happiness and a happy peaceful life
that you didn’t have while I was your wife
I’d never forget you..

Hoping that one day you would not forget that smile
… when you think of me
Good bye my love…


~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂