Why Do Our Eyes Get Swollen After Excessive Crying?

Do you wonder why our eyes get swollen after excessive crying ?
Basically our eyes produces fluid this function as eye protection. Tears are salty, watery secretion that washes and cleanse away bits of particles and dirt saturated in our eyes. When we cry tears flows outward down to our cheeks, tiny tears were trapped around the tissue within the eyelids that absorbed back the tears this process is called osmosis.

The Facts That You Should Know: Swollen eyes was resulted from the occurrence of excessive tears. Emotional tears are less salty than our usual tears, the natural salt content in the fluid is already present around our eye area that normally attracts the extra water into the tissue around our eyes. Excessive crying put strain in the eyes that cause redness.

During stressful condition, strong emotions were produced out of sadness, danger, anger or anything else that can brought about somebody to cry. Our face become flushy for the blood flows onto our skin. It due to adrenaline that causes the blood rush onto the surface of our skin, increasing swelling. That’s the reason why your face feel hot when you felt angry and flushes when you felt emotionally agitated, all of your muscles including the muscle around your eyes are literally filled up with extra blood, this makes the eyes look swollen too. From that facial muscular effort crying is generated.

How to soothe the swelling of your eye? The safest and fastest way to alleviate it is by applying a cold compress, or using ice pack, cold tea bags or cucumber to minimize the appearance of puffiness of your eyes.