Donate a Hair: Help Cancer Patients Gain Back Their Self-Esteem

Cancer victims literally loss hair specially during the course of chemotherapy treatment. The fear of losing hair became of one of the factors affecting one cancer patients. They begun to lose their self-esteem and confidence. Both men and woman undergone hair loss, it has been the reported side effect after been diagnosed with cancer.

The Facts That You Should Know: Chemotherapy is a strong drugs that attack rapidly the fastest growing cancer cell in our body. Including all the growing cells in our body particularly the hair roots. It affect uterus lining causing infertility also attack and kills sperm making the diagnosis patient sterile.

Chemotherapy causes hair loss in the entire body, cancer patients experience thinning and complete baldness. They even loss their eyelashes, eyebrow, hair in their armpit, pubic hair and other body hair were diminishing till it reach total loss.

That’s way there is program to bring back the confidence of those cancer patients by giving back their hair. Many concern citizen build charitable organization responsible in hair donation. The volunteer conduct free hair cut some done it publicly to encourage more donor . It can help different organizations provide free or low-cost wigs as well.

To be a hair donor one must be willing and ready to give away her hair. Go to the ongoing hair donation charities. The cut off her hair that have been collected can uplift and aid a cancer victim. Unfortunately in some part of the world donating hair is part of their culture and tradition. Parent’s would even bring with them their child to a temple or festival wherein hair cutting is done. This kind of hair donation can cause trauma to a donor specially if it’s done under control and submission out of force. keep in mind that it’s takes once devotion to re-grow your hair back for hair usually increase about half an inch in a month. Generally this form of donation without freewill should not be condone!