Am I Too Old For Sex?

Am I too old for sex? Common question being asked by our elders. This pertains to their sexual performance, endurance and capabilities. Literally once we grow old our body is undergoing constant and continuous changes in physical aspect. we orderly faces different stages or phase of elderly. Physical change naturally affects the sexual activity and reproductive organ.

The Facts That You Should Know: At age between 70’s -90’s sex drive still persist provided that the health is good and interested partner is available. Once a person is sexually active during his young age and middle adulthood there is a greater tendency to remain sexually active in his late years, however sexual activity declines and may not be frequent unlike before. According to studies conducted, the interest in sexual activity during old age depends, in large measure or on interest earlier in life.

Basically a lot of factors hinders nor affect one’s old age engagement in sexual activity, sickness is one of those like diabetes, arthritis, heart problems, respiratory ailments. Another is if one person is under medication it can impaired his sexual ability.

Degenerative changes in gonads are very gradual in men that’s the reason way they are still capable of producing sperm because the production of testosterone is still capable to produce sperm though it was just gradually decreased in amount. While in woman, the degenerative changes in ovaries is very noticeable, they experience abrupt cessation of menses in middle age once they reach menopause. The changes of elderly woman’s gonad can result the diminished secretion of ovarian hormone, Also the shrinking of the uterus while the ovaries become unnoticed. Breast atrophy or appearance tenderness, decrease elasticity of the skin due to loss tissue of the skin typically exist during postmenopausal change. lubricating vaginal secretion are reduced, which become the major cause of painful sexual intercourse.

One way to determine if an elder is still capable in engaging in any sexual activity is by the means of stair. Once an elder can climb up to the second flight of the stair without experiencing apnea or shortness of breath it suggest a good sign that an elder can still perform sex without problem.