Self Torture: Where it ends?

What is self-torture? any mental or physical distress inflicted by oneself upon oneself. This can hurt one-self, giving the feeling of anguish, great distress, psychological suffering and torment. Some hurting themselves intentionally and inconsiderately while others are unaware of this behavior.

There are numbers of ways self-torture can be assessed, when it comes to this matter you can initially seen it in every relationship particularly with intimate relation like of spouse, boyfriend, or family. Whenever your partner like the opposite of what you’ve enjoy, for the sake of love and relation you’re going to give way for  him at that very moment in order to avoid conflicts and confrontation.

Another way is whenever you’re bound to attend different functions, social gatherings, office meetings, convention or dating and many more. You are open to any possibilities that you may encounter self-torture in socially manner. Mostly dealing with what despise you; like in eating the food you don’t like, listening to the music you hate, giving smile to your opponent, shaking hands with your rivals, sitting beside your competitor and mingling with your antagonist. This factor contributes in self-torture emotionally. The reason why we suffer all this consequences is because we are afraid to disappoint others and shut our mouth not to express what we truly feels and like. Lack of candid frankness but we can’t blame one person by keeping his mouth shut, probably he got more things to consider and to protect. Therefore he tries to be careful not to open his mouth and speak.

In love and relation, self-torture is commonly present specially when you’re in the point of loving someone who doesn’t give back love, which we call unrequited love. Also loving someone who doesn’t belong to you completely, like someone is owning that person and that person is not yours to keep.

Other torture themselves when they got humiliated, embarrassed, rejected they inflict physical harm to their selves. Other self-torture themselves erotically during sexual intercourse which they achieved pain and pleasure.

Some evident self-torture is performing strenuous exercise, doing arduous task without rest. Staying up all day without sleep, depriving themselves form eating specially their favorite dish.

A person who’s suffering with self-torture should be subjected to any psychological treatment immediately. Early signs should not taking for granted for it may lead to more serious problem and it may totally damage one’s person own-self later on.