Sense of danger: Early Warnings and Signals

Do you ever felt sometimes whenever you are in unusual unsecured place you suddenly wrapped by the presence of certain cold coming from the back of your neck (nape). You felt your body hair has been magnetized and an intense cold sweat expires from your skin pores.

The Facts That You Should Know: That strange feeling  we had is generated by our hypothalamus which is  responsible in giving signals to our adrenaline glands. The stimulated adrenaline glands release fight mechanism to combat what we felt something dangerous physically and emotionally.

Our body sense the danger whenever it’s coming and it naturally designed to response to with the burst of energy nor to be alert so that you will be better able to survive the potential dangerous situation (fight) or escape it all together (flight) to keep us safe.

When we sense danger we got the feeling of uneasiness, an inexplicable fear and cold feet. In that situation our self-defense mechanism is in it’s heighten alert. In correspondence to that our body is equipped to release energy in action.

We can all sense the initial sign of danger apparently whenever it’s coming. In Christian views, every species created by God endowed with this sense of danger as for our protection. Connecting to us like a hint or instinct delivering to as like an early warning that we should not take for granted. Always pay attention to every strange feelings, warning signs and signals that our senses will perceived to avoid regretting at the end. A preventive measure is a first step towards safety. Our road for journey is not always smooth. We got to be grateful that God grant us this sense of danger that we must always consider to trust and exercise.