Mona Lisa: Mystery Unfold- Case Unsolved

Mona lisa is undeniably the most famous painting in the world amongst art history ever produce, it was done by Leonardo da Vinci around 500 years ago and display at the Musée du Louvre in Paris. She become the iconic symbol for her beauty and inexplicable look, she is famous for her mystique and enigmatic smile. However no record has found for the identity of this model and there are speculation that Leonardo da Vinci is the one posed for his own masterpiece.

In due to the ambiguity of this model a lot of people conducted a research to unravel the mystery behind this. One of which is by Dr. Lillian Schwartz of Bell Labs suggests that Leonardo painted himself, she support her theory by merging the picture of Leonardo and his famous painting through the use of computer and recognized the facial features were perfectly alligned.
Another is Italy’s National Committee for Cultural Heritage, a leading association of scientists and art historians, wanted to dig da Vinci’s skull and rebuild by the use of CSI-style technology to see if he resemble with Mona lisa’s face. While Jason Rosenfeld, associate professor of Art History at Marymount Manhattan College, wanted to get the body of da Vinci to study his DNA.

The facts That You Should Know: In  “Mona Lisa Revealed” suggests there’s a hidden love note on the canvas, also there is a single brush stroke on her eyebrow region if you’re going to zoom his painting and you’ll find one hair on the eyebrow. There was a mark created by varnish accidentally brush onto Mona lisa’s eye and chin opposing the claims that Mona lisa was sick that time when painting was done. But despite of all of these revelation, the mystery is still unsolved.

Who is the girl behind that mysterious smile is she related to Medici family? or she is the wealthy merchant’s wife? or could it be Da Vinci’s mother? or it’s da Vinci’s self-portrait. No one really knows about the real identity of Monalisa until then this case is unclosed.