Cosmetics: An Aesthetic Way of Beauty

Cosmetics any substance designed to applied externally. It used to enhance the appearance and odor of the user. Most of the time its serving as aesthetic purpose in beautifying the user rather than useful or utilitarian.

Cosmetics include skin-care, creams, lotions, powders, perfumes, lipsticks, nail polished, eye and facial make-up, permanent waves, colored contact lenses, hair colors, hair sprays and gels.

Cosmetics can function as cleaning agent, promoting or enhancing beauty even beautifying the not so blessed. Cosmetics have been traced back then during ancient Egypt times, wherein woman used to emphasize their look by bringing color to their skin. It has been said by our historian that cosmetics for Egyptian woman partially co-exist with their spiritual values and beliefs. Another the chemical used in early cosmetics were mostly dangerous such as the used for making mesdemet and kohl, kohl is the usual dark color they applied around the eye area made from ochre, lead, ash, burnt almonds, oxidized copper and different color of copper ore for cheek and lips color. While mesdemet is the green color usually applied  to the lower eyelid usually made from a combination of copper and lead.

When Greek and Egyptian culture merged cosmetics were no longer used for spiritual concepts. That’s the time cosmetics mark the standard of social classes, dark-skinned are just working class and normally those who got fair-skinned were considered as the upper class. That is one of the reason why girls and guys were both dabbing their faces with white powder whereby that time white face powder was a product of hazardous combination of carbonate, hydroxide and lead oxide. Which is fatal can cause lead poisoning.

The Facts That You Should Know: The cosmetics evolution had come a long way from ancient Egypt down to this very day. Fair skinned is out and tanned skin is more preferred these days, what a twist of faith isn’t it? That tanned skin overruled and it became the target look set by the popular culture now a days. Numerous skin-line products are out in the market for skin tanning.

Credible companies that manufacturing cosmetics often ensure their clients safety in every package they sold. Therefore people must buy cosmetics “only” to the trusted brand though it’s a bit costly. Wide selection of cosmetics are being offered in the market today mostly with vast numbers of benefits we can get. Cosmetics available in different variant like hypoallergenic, dermatological-tested, with vitamins content, all-natural, water based, with skin protectants ( with sun protect or sunscreen) and many more.Today cosmetics is no the matter of being elite or upper class. It is ought to be someone else personal choice and discretion. I got nothing against to those people who do love wearing cosmetics as long it suit them and works perfectly with the occasion and just right enough for the given time and place.