Why Pinching is Bad?

Every time we see or feel anything so incredibly appealing to us like so cute or very irresistible we can’t help but to express outward and often exaggerated reactions towards that thing. Apparently we seek for an outlet in order to release these irresistible impulses captivating our senses.

One very much likely to see is pinching. It’s a slight but appreciable or could be strong stressed causing irksome hurt usually done by squeezing tightly or gently with fingers. Normally pinching irritates skin and most of the time it leaves unwanted marks or bruise that last for a couple of days.

We support our strong emotion through physical action. We often give someone a pinched on a cheek specially when that particular person exudes too much cuteness, soo adorably lovable and very snuggly-cuddly. Man would love to pinched his girl’s behind, commonly a mother loves to pinched her cuddlesome baby. It’s became habitual already for us to seize, pinch and nip freely without a second thought.

The Facts That You Should Know: We deliberately pinched unknowing about the consequences we can give to someone. The moment we pinch it leaves a red to cyanotic discoloration into the skin. That discoloration is a result from the action of pinching wherein there are breaks in the capillaries in the skin. The blood vessel under our skin break or burst making the affected area bruise. We also acquire this when we accidentally bump against a hard solid material forming a blood clot.  Babies and elders are more susceptible to suffer from break in the capillaries. When you intentionally pinched a baby or an elder there is a tendency that it will formed a blood clot, blood clot is known to be a “silent killer” and there are a lot of risk factors correlate with it. Once the blood didn’t flow and it encompassed a big area, a big clot can already block off the blood supply needed by our brain and its fatal. If the blood clot is tiny which normally acquires from slight pinching it can still block the blood vessels and a tendency also to loss some brain functions, like of memory loss or loss of movement.

Now you’re already aware of it possible danger, therefore next time get off  those fingers and start touching someone skin instead rather than pinching  or its  much better if you’ll just put your hands up every time you would felt this irresistible impulses. In this way we can avoid being sorry in the end.