Shotgun Marriage: An Involuntary Spouse

Imagine, how would you feel when you woke up and a gun is pointing unto you commanding you to surrender your honor by marrying his daughter? ermm oh your whole world will fell apart specially when you aren’t ready to settle down. This leaves you no choice. Like a matter between life and death. This type of marriage occurred upon a forcible act known as Shotgun marriage, Force marriage or pragmatic marriage. Actually this marriage doesn’t literary display violence like pointing gun onto your head but definitely that’s how it kills the plan, you go by their will. You are under control to commit.

This marriage occurs by chance in order to save the reputation of the family nor to protect the bride from shame and embarrassment due to inevitable unexpected pregnancy, another is the possible incident of pre-marital sex wherein the girl give up her virginity in prior to the marriage which is against among conservative and traditional families culture and religious beliefs. That’s why this marriage has been integrated.

This form of marriage defines as one or both parties don’t have consent or against their will. A shotgun marriage is differ from an “arranged marriage” is a marriage arrange by both of the third parties such as their parents or matchmaker.

Forced marriage have been practiced in upper classes in Europe dated back in 1900’s and it’s still continuously observed in different families in communities of South Asia, East Asia, Middle East and Africa. In some migrant communities in Western Europe and North America undergone this form of marriage but not all, and mostly it’s female became involuntary spouse.

Catholic Church views against forced marriages for them its impeding one person to exercise his/her rights and It’s should be a ground for annulment. It was also a human right abuse for it’s violates the principle of freedom and autonomy of individual according to United nations.

In 2007, The Forced Marriage ( Civil Protection) act, was passed in Uk to give protection for immigrants victims that enables them to apply for court orders for their self-protection.

Shotgun marriages majority weren’t successful. Most couples are usually undergone conflicts, that in latter it brings a more and more serious complicated problem that result into failure of marriage in the end. For this marriage is just forced reflected and it’s not bound to happened, that’s way it’s very hard to mend or to keep.