Writing Therapy: Health Benefits

Some of us are normally loud and outspoken while others are typically silent and selective careful of every thoughts they shared. There are times we felt our heart and mind is about to explode and yet we are struggling for words. From the moment we got words left unsaid or things undone, or something we are holding back and can’t express it undoubtedly, we find strength in paper and pen. It became our confidant, our breather and our easy outlet to lessen our grave emotion that tugging us down.

Nearly all of us got personal journal or diary were we disclose ourselves. It has been handed down from generation to generation.The reason for that, a diary coexist with man it’s because of its availability and accessibility. These days writing made easy and handy, many of us turn into electronic writing using our computers or mobile. We wish to be heard and to laid down our cumbersome loads that weighing our shoulder that’s why we resort into writing by a long shot.

In number of studies shown, writing is a healing art. It’s a new way of healing discovered since 1970’s. This form of expressive writing and it’s process is known as writing therapy. It is a revolutionary and hottest form of healing now a days because of its effectivity.

The Facts The You Should Know: Writing promotes numerous health benefits and only few of us were aware about it. It was known to boost immune system, helps in relieving stress, depression, disorders as well as abuse and trauma. Writing therapy can even heal asthma, arthritis, and fatal disease like cancer.

Writing therapy is often self-exploration, self-confession, free writing, traditionally open, no qualifications required, no limit, adaptable and anyone can participate in sharing their intimate thoughts and their utmost feeling.

Therapeutic writing is being conducted by the therapist and counsellors. It based on variety of settings that deals with a wide range of psychoneurotic illnesses including bereavement, desertion, abuse, and prison. The interaction take place individually or by groups or either way wired through snail mail or internet. This practically allows a certain person to confide, confess per se in-depth and honest manner gradually.

Therapeutic writing were being held in several hospitals with patients undergoing physical and psychological illnesses. It is also offered in Universities as an aid and help for students self and social awareness, self-development and social interface. The administering therapist or counsellor will set an imaginary scene, one of this is assigning writing unsent letters to selected recipients, may either be dead or alive that they want to patch a conversation and latter followed by imaginary replies.

Here are the list of recommended writing genre that therapeutically heals are narrative like storytelling, non-fiction, autobiography, novels, fairy tales, short-stories, articles, report, new stories, literature, slew, menus, advertisement, poetry, journal, memoir, humor, satire, blogging, exchanging mail and many more, writing is the best medium to cultivating our mind and improves our mental and physical health as it’s been said spending at least twenty minutes of your life engaging into writing a chance to fully recover from our mild to serious emotional, physical and psychological problems. Our life will be balance and productive. So what are you waiting for, get those pen or (digital, light pen) devote your time in writing and pave the away.