Opportunity(Kairos) an excerpt

Kairos( opportunity) was an ancient literary written long time ago. The kairos (opportunity) statue was made by Greek sculptor Lysippos based on his personal theme, using symbolism and personification he doesn’t use model for his masterpiece. He is an abstract artist, a naturalist and he believed in nature. Lysippos was a court sculptor of Philip II and Alexander the Great. Herakles and Zeus at Tarentum were some of his best known sculpture and a portrait sculpture of Alexander the Great, Aristotle, and Socrates. He was one of the “creators of the Hellenistic period of Art” .

"What is your name, O statue?"
 "I'am called OPPORTUNITY"
 "Who made you?
 "why are you standing on your toes?"
 "to show you how quickly I passed by"
 "why is your hair is so long on
  your forehead?"
 "So the people may hold on to me
  when they meet me"
 "Why then is your hair so bald
  on the back?"
 "To show that once I have passed
  by I cannot be caught"
 "and what is your name again?"