Edible Gold: It Looks Good To Kill


Food with edible 23kt gold content is exclusively serve in the best and well-known eating house like luncheon and ristorante in Europe, US and some countries in East and South Asia, Japan and Philippines to name some. Target clients are the food lovers that incline into authentic and exquite cuisine, including those who got a high fashion and gold-aholic.

You can choose from top of the line cuisine, all course were basically cooked, garnished, sprinkled and coated with a edible gold powder ingredients from side dish, main course to appetizer and drinks. The food was adorned, lavishly and extravangantly served like you never seen before, a shimmering, glittering gold in the plate. It’s like a fairy tale that come to life, recalling those bedtime stories henceforth read by our mom, The Hen and the Golden Eggs and King Mida’s Golden Touch, whimsical plot about gold and it deeds.

It’s very enticing, sleek and truly impressing that will surely caught you blind, water your mouth and tickle your taste bud. Who wouldn’t want to take the first bite? It’s very gratifying to the eyesight, but it looks good to kill the pocket and only fortunate masses can afford this luxurious treat. The price is ranging depending on the grams and unit or edible gold component found in food. If it’s draining your pocket and you’re from maginalize family better yet is just to trick your tummy, be economical avoid such fancy caprice.

The Facts That You Should Know: Ingesting edible gold is safe. Gold is an inert metal. It’s flat taste, It doesn’t altered the nutritional value that our body intake. It didn’t give adverse reaction to our body. It can be easily digested. It will totally empty or leave your system within 24 hours without causing harm.

Using edible gold an ancient tradition being observed back in Europe. In Zurich, Switzerland they used edible gold in making cookies. it was attributed to Queen Elizabeth which during her reigned they used to give gingerbread cookies dipped in gold as a gift to the VIP’s. It was been said that during 16th hundred, the Duke and Earl of Italy used to decorate their food using edible gold one of which is Risotto recipe. During Elizabethan time edible gold dust was spread onto fresh fruits every time there were festivity and banquets being held. While in Japan, they are adding edible gold to their food and drinks particularly to Sake their Japanese wine.

In Medieval Europe those noted family used to decorate their with gold flakefood and drinks to showcase their social status and to promote the health benefits one can get from ingesting gold. While in South Asia they used gold foil along with silver in sweets particularly in making Barfi.

These days variety of edible gold content are being offered in loads of food elsewhere. Romantic or kiddie treats, fine or regular dining. In Germany they manufactured an edible gold food paint that you can spray to any food of your choice to make it shimmer like gold. Spray in voila the food is like been touched by King Midas golden hands. In Brussel, Belgium they have this solid gold nuggets called “Brussel sprout” it is a very high-appealing for kids and kids at heart.

Edible gold and silver known to be one of the world’s most expensive food. The least can cost 2000 euros per 100g serving some price can exceed as 12k euros or higher depending on the gold content and preparation. If you out for adventure and you are out to try this very exorbitant price delicasies, you must be ready to be robbed in aware and wide-awake. Seriously speaking edible gold and silver is safe for consumption but it is really dangerous for the pocket.