I Bang The Keys

Human resemble like computer although we are not technically programmed for we can function on our own. There are various keys and buttons we often press, strike,  hit, bang or slam  that correlate with our daily living. In fact almost all computer keys are applicable in our life. However I only feature six of them.

As we begin a new day we face a new chapter in our life. We meet new challenges and opportunity,  new adventure, new offers. Whenever we enter new agreement and new open door. Enter key was pressed.


When we commit mistakes, fault or errors in our life, like when we’ve uttered  irreversible hurting words, those words we wish that we should have not said. We think of banging Delete Key to clear our selves.

Whenever we’re caught flat-footed, thrown into confusion, scared, facing danger or in troubles. Whenever we’re frighten and we’re in the most distressing moment in our life. While wishing for a solution, an answer, a hero that will snap us out of it. We really want to strike the ESC key right away in order to be saved.

Every time we are anticipating, waiting, dreaming, hoping, we felt like we are in the waiting list or in the waiting line, that time we felt stuck in one point. Life function like the Standby key

Whenever we felt there is regret, remorse or we want to relive our life again for a change. Every time we wish that time will walk back and begging for a new start. We’re hoping that  Restart button is always available

Life is good and it feels good to be alive even though it’s full of struggle, battles and hardship. Life taught us how to feel, to be happy or to be sad, to love or to hate, to get hurt or to be healed. Life contributed loads of memories. It’s really nice to breathe and Thank God for this feeling called life. But like a road it always lead us into end, we are all bound to meet our pilot face to face one day. That’ s that  time for us to shut out eyes and laid straight forever. Like computer has shutdown button, we also have. But this time is still lies a mystery when it will come.

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~Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂