Infidelity Watch

Infidelity Watch
Infidelity is one of the serious problem involving trust that torn a good faith relationship. This bad taste usually stem from a spun of socializing, from a simple smile, nod, handshake, hi and hello, exchanging contact details and where else it can lead right? The next meeting will generate a more friendly and light feeling because they are already acquainted to each other. Well they are comfy to each other, they can share same rumor, share passion, stories down to a more deeper channeling of emotion. They might talked a lot on phone, in internet or see each other more personally and intimately. Considering each other as “good friends” or a “co-worker”. This is nice to hear and undoubtedly if it this “sweet friendship” will not be stir up by some sugar and spice, and you begin to noticed that they loved to be together, they can share almost everything without hesitation. They see nothing but each other and they love to admire and praise one another. Finally they seek each other for emotional comfort and latter this friendship will be sprinkle by strong wine of love that will enkindle a fire of romance…whoopsie there’s nothing wrong if both of them are legally single, but if one or both of them is inside a serious relation. This is a big no-no and the union of this two people here is already committing a betrayal to their current relation and this should not be tolerated.

Infidelity often times messed up a smooth relation. This shake down the foundation that binds the two individual. Infidelity doesn’t occurs unexpectedly for it can be avoided at once.

Tips not to Fall into Infidelity Watch List
1. Limitation– Know your limitation avoid getting too personal or intimate with a particular person.
2. Best shield– guard yourself particularly your heart, always think of the consequences and the aftermath if you’ll let your heart be touched once again.
3. Stay away– If you’re committed and the person that interest you is no longer free too. Don’t get to close with that someone to the point of seeing that person as your emotional comfort.
4. Never treat your current relation as an obligation.
5. Keyword “respect”– if you respect your current relation, you’ll not do anything that will harm her/him.
6. Only slut and philanderer would allow themselves get involved just to ruin a good relationship.
7. Avoid attachment to anyone whether physically or emotionally.
8. You must know when to say no and let go. Have self-respect and hold firmly onto your honour.
9. Don’t play fire for you’ll get burn.
10. Yes it’s always been “sorry” the last word.

Temptation is just right around the corner. No one is spare from it. It’s easy to fall into sin anytime but it’s hard to stay away from it. Once you let yourself fall once, you will fall twice and many times for you go beyond the line of “fear” and “respect”. Keep in mind that only with pure, gentle and good heart can easily turn away from it.

Always have the sense of sensibility, be considerate in the feelings of your partner. Always put yourself in his/her shoe. Think how would you feel if it’s you who have been cheated? Love is a two-way street, that’s the core value: it’s a give and take relationship. If you have conflicts and disagreements settle down it but don’t plunge into sin by committing adultery or cheating. A problem can not be solved by another problem. Don’t be insensitive but instead try to be strong enough to overcome all those temptation. Let me put it in this phrase ” It’s an easy game cheapie girl for she let herself get in between two good relationship and you cannot trust this girl because if she willingly done that with you, she can repeat doing that to any man without your consent too“.

Being faithful with your partner can create a good and harmonious relationship. It can make your relationship last long. It can promotes a peace-loving home. You’ll be totally free from any sexual transmitted diseases. Your family and your relationship will be in stable state. You’ll have a well rested sleep without hang ups. You can function well for your conscience is clear without any secrets concealed that mentally torturing you.

Seeing yourself in one person that you truly love is such a warm sweet feeling that you’ll get old and grey with him. It’s very priceless and I hope everyone can grip those chance once we have. And wasn’t nice to have someone you can call your own, just yours and you are just his too.