Internet Defamation

Internet Defamation it’s all about reputation that maliciously damage in public due to a libel imputes in written published words or writings and broadcast media that can injure or offend a legit person. It’s an untruthful statement regarding one person that intentionally harm that person standing in the community. The professional bloggers thinked that they are spare from internet defamation crime for most of them write blogs based on their personal experience only. Internet became their easy medium in sharing their daily activities by using free writing format like personal diaries blog while another portion of bloggers today express their views and standing regarding different issues containing in media that being tackled and discussed. Surely they aren’t spare to be guilty of this crime and specially most countries have defamation and libel law in protection for our rights. I really intend to write an article about this topic for I want to impart knowledge to my co-writers( co-bloggers) like me to carry along with them the value and code of ethics being a professional writers by having self-discipline and the sense of responsibility in publishing anything on media broadcast. Another thing is as an author, we should not leave or throw nasty comments nor post any article that hurting one reasonable person pen name, legal name or business name. I want to share to my readers how yours truly been drag down and defamed by other authors in their article. I am a victim of internet defamation and I can not tolerate the false write-up about me. This author published nothing but absolute lies pertaining my personality. It was indicated in the law that whenever you are force to leave negative remarks never spill or come out with the identification or never drop a name of the concerned parties. It’s fine with me if he will just talked about my article, reblogging it but to the point of fabricating stories up to making me looked hated, contempt and ridicule he really went overboard. He assaulted me by quoting some “foul words” that I will not mention here, making his own imaginary description about my personality which has never been factual and realiable statement about me. He didn’t even said just it just based on “his opinion”. He deliberately disrepute me by his damaging claims as if it’s real. Lowering and discrediting me without hesitation. Being a credible writer we are “only allowed” or “permitted ” to give accurate informations, give our own standpoint( whether biased or fair), share our own experience and to express our own sentiments without getting too dirty and too personal. I may suggest that author to “take away or removed” the descriptive “foul words” he addressed me in his article or re-write his article without insulting and defaming my name. As a professional writer, you should know the core value of being a writer. We can exchange limitless point of views, reblog or states nor express our mind or our opinion just within the “debatable article” we choose to discuss but assaulting someone and hitting someone below the belt it’s already against the rights of someone it’s definitely an internet defamation and it consider a crime.