Digital Lies

Where yah from, “here in Frisco “( but she’s from another place or just resides in the next block), busy? “oh nah I’m only talkin to yah lolol”( eventhough he is loaded with lotsa chatters). Are yah the girl in the pic? “who else? jeez!” ( but the picture is from a not so famous model) Where are yah atm, tell me honestly imma explode here “hun, relax, convention is still goin on”.( although he is driving home a new hot chick) That’s how lies transform in an instant, with one press and one click it’s freshly deliver as hot as latest underwear fashion statement for spring.

Lies normally said to support one action or one claim to find an escape or excuse not to be convicted, usually lie comes beautifully to cover up those ugly truth. Take a looked at the given conversation on top, this type of communication often occurred in wired, generated by mobile and computer. And the lies done was called digital lies.

Digital lies, it’s verily known to us the word “lies” but not the term “digital lies”. I would like to personally take a new meaning and term to differentiate lying in real life from lying virtually. Digital lies define as, it’s a lies uttered by one person by means of wired conversation. It’s a lies that were deliberately said or sent that easily disseminate through the means of media process.

What is the effect of digital lies?
Basically digital lies carries or deliver unrealiable details and the large percentage in corresponds to the so-called facts done digitally can be partially trusted. The purpose of digital lying incorporate with numerous reason one of which is to protect, to cover, to save it either for your own personal gain or relief or for the sake of others.

Most of us aren’t much affected from the moment we give nor perceived petty white lies. Some meanies even dare to say this ” I don’t tell a lie, but this time I wont tell the truth”. For them lying made fun and easy specially if it’s lying digitally. It’s alarming that vast number of people are not much concern whether they holding onto nor totally depending onto a beautiful digital lies. Jeah we might say it’s pretty little thing but big things comes from small packages. And as it goes along way those petty white digital lies will absolutely grow in progression. You’ll be surprise how far it goes and the further damage it contributes. Bear in mind, “what you don’t know wont hurt you, but it will surely kill you in the end”