Equal Love for All?

Equality, how deep and profound you know about the term “equality”. it’s a pretense that we are all equal and step out for equality. It’s been a long time dream. But just try to imagine even for a while, how will this world look like if everything comes in equal or the same? let’s discuss the effect of equality in the following area.

Physical aspect: We are represented by different colours; black, white, brown, red, yellow, mixed and in between. If everyone of us would be painted black or white. This world will be dull and lifeless. Among billions of people in this world, not even single one was born totally alike or the same, even twins aren’t like carbon copy of one another. Take a look at you self, you’re one of the best living example. The left and right profile of our face is asymmetrical, our left and right foot is either bigger than the other. Even our toe nails and finger nails dont appear exactly the same. Our organ are not equally paired and distributed; we only have one heart place on the left side and one liver place on the right side of our body. We are human and not a walking manufactured toy or robot that just came out from the box.

Intellectual aspect: Our brain has different capacity. Although some people display same IQ scores it does not necessarily mean that they think the same. We got brainy, average and idiot. Intellectual person are logical thinker while the “gut feeling” person just rely more on their hunch and their intuitions. We got fool people that loves being fooled around, but not all fool display show same level of insanity. If all of us thinks the same, we are all equal in manner of thinking, I bet we wont have inventors, scientist, researchers in particular. Just imagine we would be looked like a programmed genetic robots who think the same and act the same.

Emotional aspect: Love is the most common “abused word”. A lot of people who aught to take advantage to misfortune of others “use” the word “love” for their selfish interest and personal gain. How can that be “love is equal to all”? How can the love you felt for others will be the same or equal amount of love you have for your spouse or your lover? nor your to loveones or to strangers? Love has distinction. And for those people who are echoing that “love is equal to all” You got to be discipline, educate your self if you cannot feel it within you. You should know the “real meaning” of love. Love is not an empty words or a totally abused words that you would rather say anytime you feels liking it just to give a lame excuse for your dirty life style and to your flirtatious act. If you love all your guys equally, well I’m out of it. It’s your choice to be an ethical slut. Your personality cannot be trusted and the love you got that called “equal to all” (your guys) is not ( real) love but a deception.

.. ermm what can I say if you don’t value your morality and don’t have a decent living. It’s your life, thats “htf” how the f*ck and “hbs” how b*llsh*t you like to live it. So be it. You are a born slut! Congrats!


Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂