MIRROR: Is That Reflection is Mine?

When you looked at the mirror what do you see? Evidently you see the reflection of yourself nontheless. You definitely recognize and examine every details of your face. You easily figure out all the imperfections and impurities, those lines, flaws, blotches, marks the grows within you. You are updated of every changes, the good outcome boost your self-confidence whilst the negative outcome pissing you down causing to lower your self-esteem.

On a light note; some people see faces of celebs everytime they are looking at the mirror. Whenever we got positive impact we begun to love the mirror dearly. The more you felt pleased and satisfied with how you looked the more you become hooked onto it. Some cases might lead to injurious or to suffer addiction in general later on. Other got a habit of looking at mirror particularly those vain, beauty conscious, and obsessed, they display very alarming traits that we can almost classify as sickness.They often carry mirror with them anytime, anywhere and they can’t take their eyes away from the mirror. Once they’ll see a mirror they rush onto it pause for a while and check on theirselves.

On the other hand whenever we got negative rebound, we begun to hate the mirror, some even got a tendency to break it due to the violent outburst of emotion for they can’t accept the image they grasped, thus other just simply avoid or ignore it.

But what do we truly see in the mirror? Mirror is a speculum, a polished substance that bounce back the image in front of it. It’s show the minutely faithful nor the true image of something. The “true image” we see is the image we “just wish” to see. Most of the time we often “see” what we “only want to see” and seldom not what we “suppose to see”. There are times that our eyes become tricky, our mind and vision is playing with our notion futhermore we’re been fooled from the remarks we’ve perceived from the mirror. You’re often convinced of what you see is what you are thus making yourself believe that ..That’s the way it is, but actually it’s just an illusion and not the real thing.

Mirror reflect the true image, but the real you lies within yourself. Don’t be fooled by what your eyes can see. Sometimes try to be lenient and to be open in taking compliments even adverse comments and always seek for a second opinion. Take both positive and negative remarks, weigh it, from there you can be able to draw a point for changement. This can help in bringing out the best in you.