What is BIID?

What is BIID?
Last two days ago I received mail in my inbox it has something to do with the Impairment, Disability, Handicap Awareness group that I created in Facebook. At first I mistakenly thought he is a girl. He personally sent me a mail asking me what impairment do I got. Then he briefly talked about his condition, that he got fused right knee. I told him in mail that I’ve dealt with this kind that’s the reason why I put up a group specially for them.

We had a short course exchange of mail, he open up and talked about his acquisition of rare disorder called “Body Integrity identity disorder” or BIID. That he worn leg brace for some years and he definite had a knee fusion. He added that only his limbs were affected but he still function like normal. Eventually he is recovering from his surgery and for him it was great.

In my years working with disabled, impaired and handicapped. And being exposed in different wide range of impairment, disability and handicap cases, I never had personal encounter with any person who is dealing with this rare disorder. This push me to write an article regarding about this rare disorder condition. I want to aware more people about BIID and to impart a knowledge.

BIID is short for “Body Integrity Identity Disorder” formerly known as Amputee Identity Disorder. It’s a neurological and psychological disorder that denotes a person suffering with BIID has a desire to amputate one or more healthy limbs and they are happy living the life of an amputee.

Neurological failing of the brain’s inner body mapping function ( located in the right parietal lobe) due to the brain mapping normally the affected limbs weren’t understandable by the body physical form. This is the most accepted theory about the origin of BIID.

Person undergoing BIID pretend to be amputees by wearing braces, prostheses, wheelchairs, crutches and other tools. Some even self-inflict the damage to their healthy limbs or self-amputate their “superfluous” limbs. It made them sick to have their four-limbs along with them and they are not feeling complete having it attached to them. They have a very intense feeling of envy seeing an amputees. Their most common desire is above-the-knee amputation of the leg. In large portion sufferers of BIID are ashamed of their thoughts. They simply keep their condition within themselves and prefer not to relate it to the therapist and healthcare professionals.

These days, BIID’s are not treated anymore by our surgeons by performing their desired amputation. That’s the reason why BIID’s person pretending that they are amputee’s or done some unwanted self-amputation to damage their limbs so that it can be remove, like allowing train, car, truck to run over their limbs, through this means they can attain that treatment they want and finally achieved satisfaction in life.

His mail significantly express his courage to talked about it and I thank him for that bravery and trust.