Are You with a Gentleman?

Mild manner and finesse demonstrates Gentlemanliness in a man, this traits is becoming less visible these days compare in 19th century. Seeing it in general view, men are normally spontaneous, rough and ragged we cannot expect them to be cautious and carefree that’s their nature. Large number of ladies really fall for easy-going, free-spirited, wild at heart man who doesn’t care too much in his action. Whilst being gentleman is a high-price.

Gentleman is a quality denotes by a man who show politeness in his words, courteous in conduct and refinement in action. This value is truly diminishing and perhaps in years forward, gentleman would be nowhere to be found. It’s sad that most man as “just” a typical man.

I have here some scenario where the indicator of gentlemanliness is shown. Lets see and compare and evaluate:

1. Let’s compare an typical man from a gentleman:

When a man and a lady walking abreast with each other. Then they are heading to the doorway, whilst facing the door, let’s see what happen:
an ordinary man: He will pull or push the door, then he doesn’t care who will get in first, the lady or him.
a gentleman: He will pull or push the door too and a hold it for a while allowing the lady to get in first.

2. When a man invites a lady for a ride, Let’s see the difference:

an ordinary man: He will momentarily stopped his car. Then he will invite the lady for a ride. ” Hey, c’mon hop in and pimp my ride”
a gentleman: He will turn off his car engine. Then he will invite the lady. If the lady had conformed the invitation for a ride. He will go down from his car and open the car door for the lady whilst offering the car seat.

3. When a man and a lady are together out for a dinner date ( not a fine dinning but regular dinning), let’s see and compare:

an ordinary man: He will concentrate on his own chair, pull it right away then sit.
a gentleman: He would allow her to sit first by gently pulling the chair away from the table in the side of the lady giving her a way to sit.

4. When it is a standing room.

an ordinary man: contented sitting in comfortable chair, he is uninterrupted on his own.
a gentleman: He would offer his chair to the lady and He would rather stand.

5. When a man drives home a lady.

an ordinary man: He will stopped his car, bid farewell to the lady.
a gentleman: He will turn off his car engine, open the car door in order for lady to get out smoothly, and offer his hand to assist the lady to stand.

Here’s some sample guides in determining if your guy is a gentleman or just an ordinary guy. In addition, I hope that this will encourage more man to maintain the quality of being gentleman in the highest order. Anyway being a gentleman can be attain and it’s not innate. It can be learned.