What’s Cooking?

I certainly love the kitchen, and I find as my big room for improvement. I would claim that “Kitchen is my territory”, probably because I spend pretty long years in the kitchen and cooking become my means of expression. Basically I cook almost everything and anything. I really love to try something new, different variants. experimenting, recycling nor even improvise original recipes to adapt to the availability of the ingredients and to suit my own style and taste.

Marinating meat before cooking it in different ways is one of the cooking essentials I inherited being a Spanish. Meat are normally treat or cured by soaking it into lime juice, vinaigrette, soy sauce and some spices. This help in preserving the meat. Well Spanish cuisine is known for it’s very authentic, flavourful due to the herbs and spices added in dish.

I have tons of Spanish recipes on my mind perhaps I will feature some more in my up coming article. For a meantime let me share to you an effortless at the same time commendable and awesome Spanish dish. That I’m sure you don’t want to missed.



Spanish Roll Meat
Ingredient needed for roll meat:
beef, thinly sliced
hard boiled eggs

for marination- (an hour or overnight to retain the flavour)
soy sauce

bread crumbs
eat beaten
tomato sauce
onion, chopped

Lie flat the meat that you have marinated, place the hard boiled eggs, chorizo at the edge of the meat then roll the meat securely to meet both end. Tie a thread around the meat to keep in intact. Steam or Microwave the roll meat. And it’s now ready to plate.

You can make many roll meat out of it. Just wrap the remaining unconsumable roll meat in a foil, refrigerate it to preserved. Roll meat can be coated with bread crumbs or flour and dip into the beaten eggs and deep fry it. Another way of eating is by letting it stew with tomato sauce, chopped onions and sliced chorizo, let is simmer until the sauce is thickened. While other just eat it plainly after steammed or microwaveable. Bon Appetit