Making Love: Good or Bad Sex?

Are you engaging in good sex or bad sex? What are the things to consider in achieving guilty free and conventional. Sex has a sleazy and bit confusing definition. It depends upon the culture, tradition and views of one’s individual. It’s associated with sexual activities such as intercourse or outer course.

Sex has an actual involvement and engagement of “oneself”. Good and bad sex can stemmed from the word “SELF”.

When you think about this four things in a first place, the sex you had is bad.
S– atisfaction “Am I satisfied?”
E– Enjoyment ” Did I really Enjoy?”
L– ust “I’m so horny, I want it right now”
F– ree sex ” I get my fill”

Bad sex is all about physical needs. The “sense of responsibility” is out of the context. Most of the time, this type of sexual engagement is just a result out of sexual urge or desire and impulsivity. You become jumpy and lose control not because you’re weak but rather sex availability is open. Bad sex often selfish and think nothing beyond, as long as there’s satisfaction- guaranteed regardless if it become too gross and dirty sex as long as it gratify sexual impulses. At the same time it’s doesn’t care if it’s hurting, or disturbing others to the point of having an illicit affair nor engaging into unwanted sex, casual sex, one-nightstand, group sex, multi-partnership which the dichotomies display greater inclination to high-risk, condemned and shameless instead of just practically having fun sexciting!

Whilst good sex always carry along the sense of responsibility.
S– Safety ” Am I protected?”
E– Esteem ” I don’t see you low”
L- Love ” I love to you, I’m all yours”
F– oundation ” I want to make it forever”

Good sex doesn’t jump so readily into the open fire. Before they drop off their pants and give in to the call of rushing sexual urge, they think first the consequences and the aftermath. They Never trade their health for the price of pleasure. They prioritize safety, he is responsible to protect himself and his partner by using (condom) to avoid the spread of sexual transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancies.

Good sex is more of emotional needs. It’s serious and not  just making love out of nothing at all like purely hard sex. It gives you the feeling of security. You never felt guilty, dirty nor cheap after making love to him/her. You felt comfortable.

The core value should start from here “love”. Asked yourself, do I love this person? Making love with someone you love is very romantic and more passionate than just having casual sex… Love always accompany respect, whenever there is respect you aren’t susceptible to any sex violence, your rights will not be violated. Nothing will go against your will.

Good sex finds self-fulfillment, contentment, satisfaction as a man or as a woman,. This can be the start of strong foundation of a certain relationship or a mainstay of a existing relationship.


Al mal tiempo, buena cara :)