ME-ism Disease

Are you aware that frequent usage of the word “me” probably you’re suffering from me-ism. Consider the word “me” is incapable of being shunned, showing a chief concern of the word “me” for one’s own comfort is off beam. The moment “me” is verily noticeable in you and it overwhelmed rule you. Saying “me, me, me” deliberately you’re dealing with Me-ism.

Me-ism is a traits or an attitude shown by an insecure or selfish person. When someone exclusively or unduly care for own’s interest or happiness that he forget other people concern.

About me:
I am me,
I am my own self,
I’m very me,

This is me,
I do my own thing,
For me and mine,

Everything falls on me,
I am the world,
and The world is me,

—Author Beryl Kickinger

On the top is a sample of Me-ism attitude the speaker can’t get enough of herself, thinks nothing but herself it’s truly wide of the mark. The mild to serious display of Me-ism disease wherein someone is making capital of herself leading to becoming supremely obsessed, hook and too much drown of herself is malignant. If only Me-ism person will eagerly get rid of this shameless -ism malignant disease and flush it out totally in our system. Me-ism disease is transferable nor susceptible for transmission. If we omit the usage of “me” otherwise spread “you”. Thus, shifting “me” to you, you, you. Rest assured that this world will be a better place to live in. And it can heal infected world with Me-ism disease epidemic.