Heartbreak Note: its time to tear the page

When we are broken hearted, we felt our whole world fell apart, our heart crushed into bits of pieces. Sometimes we even loss our courage to go on. We became so down, empty and lost.

Vulnerable to burst into tears. Tears because of pain and regret. Tears because of your epic tale has ended. Heartbreak gives you a stressy feeling often times it’s affecting your entire body system. You lose our appetite, you begin to face sleeping problems, body weakness, and depression.

It’s true words and heart should be handle with care, for uttered words are irreversible and heart when it’s broken, it’s really hard to mend. What if you’re barely caught yourself in the middle of a break-up, unexpectedly? You got no way out but to deal with it.

Heartbreak Note: It’s time to tear the page
-things to consider in mending a broken heart

1. Think that promises are “only” made to be broken. – Whether it’s an empty promises or he tried to keep his words, thinking this way will make it easier for you to let go of those promises.

2. Think that you both mistakenly thought that the strong feelings you felt for each other is love, but it just looks good to be a “love”

3. Those I Love you’s are just a spill of a tongue and it’s nothing serious.

4. He doesn’t deserved you.

5. It’s his lost not yours.

6. Put away the things that would remind you of him.

7. Divert your free time to a more productive way, like spend it to a recreational activities and educational program.

8. Meet new people.

I hope the above tips can help you go on and give you encouragement to accept where the destiny leads your fate. Just charge this to your experience despite of how badly hurt you are. Then next time be more sensible enough to warn yourself not to be carried away immediately. Along side with that set a more all-defense secured mechanism to guard your heart not to give a hundred percent of it easily.

True love can wait. Jeah time heal all wounds therefore the next time you fall in love again, don’t give your all. Save some for yourself so when time comes like this you’re not totally empty and you can stand on your two feet again.