Love Indicator: Can this be Love?

Love is hard to define but most of the time it is the most abused word and misused by some. Other mistakenly consider attraction and other strong feelings in general as love.

Love frequently confuses with other overwhelming emotion or strong electric feeling you briefly got like for instance you’re been swept on your feet and your heart beat fast. Also when you felt there are butterflies in your stomach, you lost your tongue and your face flush. Another is when felt paralyzed and your body exudes cold sweat ermm these are intial signs that pratically misleading to love. This feeling can either be a tweak of emotion or better yet an attraction, crush or infatuation.

You’re probably in second stage if you begin to acquire sleepless night while tossing and turning in your bed. You tremendously think of him and expect that he does the same. In this sort you always anticipate for his call, always looking forward for his message in your inbox, you definitely expecting for his interaction on your pages or sites. This feeling can either be love or another romatic love interest.

You feels your ship is sinking and it’s only him can save you. You constantly think of him nonstop 24/7. You obviously talked about him to anybody you can meet. He completely infiltrate your entire system. It’s clear that you want no one else but him. This feeling you are getting is either love or an obsession.

In deeper sense, you’re happy and content every time he is happy. The moment he is sad, you are twice sadder than him. You are both affected in whatever each other say or do. You don’t care to build fictitious dreams or illusion with him. You cry, you laugh, you get hurt, you healed, you stand up, you fall, you live and die with him. You’re determine and not afraid to take a risk. Love takes you in a different level. It’s like a drugs that makes you float, drown and high. All your friends noticed the changes in you and most of the time you were misunderstood for your stubborn blindfaith love ..And if loving him is wrong you don’t want to be upright. This implies a genuinely culminating feeling of love. This is absolutely love.

…but wait, how can the love indicator differentiate love from true love?

“Love hears what is not spoken and understand what is not explained for love doesnt work in our mouth but in our heart. Perfect love is hard to find but finding the arms that will hold you in your weakest and heart that will love you at your worst is finding true love.”