Safety Pool Tips

Yearly numerous kids were reported injured or caught drowned both in swimming or wading pool. Unfortunately some were even found dead. Most of the reason i.e are lack of safety, proper guideliness and guidance or adult supervision. The designed covered pool were not properly fence. Sometimes the door leading to the pool was not locked. These the major cause of this terrying incidents.

Things to consider in Pool Safety.
1. The pool should be well fence.
2. All doors and gate possibly leading to the pool should maintain close all the time.
3. Keep pool simple or stay away from accesorize pool with ladders, filters and drains. This adds up in entraping and entangling the kids who are swimming there.
4. All kids under age of three and those who don’t know how to swim should be provided with lifejacket or PFD ( personal floatation device) everytime they will get into the pool.
5. Always have an adult supervision to looked after the kids.
6. Must secure with emergency phone number nearest your vicinity.
7. Keep all the toys and tools away from the pool.
8. Enroll your kids to the swimming lesson or teach your kids a swimming skills.
9. Learn about Lifesaving skills like CPR and other safety first aid guide.
10. Drain all wading pool including inflatable pools after use.
11. Keep out the harmful pool chemical like cleaning agent away from kids.
12. Always have the pool inspects and properly maintain to ensure all components and all areas are properly functioning.