Crush-hate is undescribable distraught feeling of hatred and obsession combined. It’s an overruling feeling of extreme hatred that you bear from someone that giving you intense irritation and totally pissin you of. The person possessing the crush-hate feeling is either dealing with her own personal issue, or unresolved issues between the person you have crush-hate with. Usually it is building up or accumulating hatred that in a long run, it turns out to be an aggressive outburst and destructive attack.

A crush-hate feeling most of the time is reasonable and predictable hate. It doesn’t come out of the blue, it’s often crop up from the inner feeling that someone was violated, stepped on or rundown leading into having grudge or remorse towards a certain person. On one way or the other the person involves in this mostly had an encounter or confrontation in a bad way with the certain person concerned prior this feeling is cast to fully shoot up and explode. There were a present or neither an exchange of an assault, verbal abuse, insults, bullying, mock, ridicule and other related violent interactions.

Frankly, person experiencing is burn out by the existence of her hated entity whilst this crush-hate feeling bother her to be fascinated and obsessed about her hated individuality. You strike against her relentlessly. From the moment you hear her name you want to puke. Your temper rises, tending to wanting to smash her face, peel her skin alive and throw her to the open fire. In addition to that you undeniably wish her ill and you want her dead. The chance is high that this might lead to uncontrolable onslaught and the outcome might be very unexpected.

Another outpouring crush-hate feeling display is spying in everything she does. You possibly have all the updates about this person. There are point in time you even got an access in all her social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, WordPress and many more nor you even take time to read her blogs. The crush-hate feeling stemmed from a real deal excessive damage someone acquired. This calls that person to get back on her nor to get even.

How To Overcome Crush-Hate Feeling?
1. Divert your mind into other more important things not to such a hopeless creature whose out to ruin your life.
2. Keep yourself busy and occupied.
3. Disregard anything connected or has something to do with that person.
4. Think that she doesn’t co-exist with you.
5. Bury that person dead in your mind.
6. Just wish someone will retailate for you.
7. Shun her in real life or online completely.
8. Think that she die hard to outmatch you but she will never never win.
9. She can never steal your identity.
10. She is nothing but just for lafs and F***.