Free Condom Dispenser at School

Years passed, after a shocking decision made by school installing condom vending machine, that brought a lot of controversies and received rant from both parents and the church. Since then the never-ending disagreement remain unsolved. I admit this is really a very delicate issue and it’s undeniably a debatable one.

In year 2000 onwards, numerous schools drastically resort in installing condom vending machine to decline the outpouring of sex-related problems involving the teenies. Certain school in Rome, irrevocably lead the way being the first school to installed the condom vending machine in school rest room of both male and female. Which condom cost half the original price sold in the market. On other hand, they are encouraging other schools to step forward and participate.

The school take this alternative to promote safe sex particularly preventing unwanted teenage pregnancies. Whilst it’s verily know to us that church strongly opposes the artificial method of birth control or any form of contraceptions. Installing condom dispenser in the school premises got a violent onset from the Vatican. They criticized and condemned this act, saying it’s a “trivialize sex” and the church community and church families will not agree to as part of children education programs.

The massive availability of condom even at institution known for learning and from one easy-click access of dispensing condom that cost half the price, the Family Planning Victoria (FPV) is asking for the Federal Government to fund the distribution of “free” condom by planting free condom machine in all school nationwide.

FPV chairperson, Ms Cockburn said ” Having free condoms in High Schools would be the perfect start”
She added.. ” For year 11 and 12 I think that having a free condom machine in their common room is a reasonable thing”

Ms Cockburn deliberately discuss her unconventional approach regarding this matter, she mention accordingly that free condom machines would be incorporated into a larger education program. But the Australian Education Union has dismissed the idea and recently the union Victoria president says that the role of schools is to educate, not to supply student with condoms.

I wonder what’s in the mind of these people? It’s like loading a bullet to your kids gun. Is this how sex made easy and handy anywhere, regardless if it is school or not? What moral values can we instill in the mind of these kids? nothing but a wholla-lotta heck of trash a kid can get out of this boorish and sleazy alternative. I don’t think a school is a right venue for this? They should be the mentor in disciplining these kids in the first place. These schools should disarm these kids totally by not giving these youngster a chance to pull the trigger and thrown their life away.

Jeah we can’t just close our eyes and pretend about the kids serious involvement in highly sexualize environment sustained by broadcast media, tabloids and internet tending kids become impulsive and engage in early or underage sex practice. However, allowing the accessibility of condom at schools is like keeping the poison within the reach of the children. The more our teenies exposed into this the more irresponsible sex would take place. The school should assist in educating, molding and preparing these kids to be a better person and responsible parents someday that’s their primal role and not as a promoter of safe sex advocacy.