What if you only got…One day to live

If you only got one day left, I’m sure you will go gaga over it.
Ya’ll get
Desperately lost …
Cry a river…
Freaky mad…

But wait, at least you’re luckier than those who die unprepared. Although Its like an explosive, right?. Frankly this definitely would blow your head, crush you into bits of pieces when your days are numbered. You might die away regretfully or you might try to find ways how to die happily and content.

10 Things You Might Consider in Prepy for your Final Day.

1. Spend whole day with your love ones. Dine with them, take more memories,
overflow with their voices and laughter. Make love with your intimate partner for the last time. Die in the arms of your love ones.

2. Manage your savings in the bank. i.e Distribute your savings and your property to your family and love ones. Donate some amount for the charity. Die
in the field of giving and sharing.

3. Eat anything you desire. Die satisfying your taste bud.

4. Put your words into an action and express your unheard feelings, thoughts and emotions or unravel your deepest secrets. Die in having peace of mind. You set your mind free whether it’s an ugly truth.

5. Asked for forgiveness to all you’ve badly hurt, reconcile, mend and forgive as well. So you don’t carry extra baggage when you exit. (You can slap, spit, punch, kick those who hurt you to break even lolol this is just for lafs). Die in letting go of pain.

6. Send mails, tagged photos and albums, wrote on the wall of your friends in social networking site like Facebook a “farewell note” and
“thank you note”. Die leaving a history.

7. Shop for the finest burial gown, look for the casket of your choice, choose for the leading embalmer to prepare for your body, plus choose for the best photo video company to cover your last day.
Die in full acceptance of your fate.

8. Fill up an organ donor card. Die in making other complete and happy.

9. Visit the place or people you’d like to visit or see for the last time.
Die in filling your emptiness.

10. Confess for your sin, meditate, pray and asked for forgiveness to God.
Die in God’s love.