Copycat: Who’s that girl?

Stealing Your Identity.

Have you ever had an experience that someone
…walk like you do?
…talk like you do?
…dress like you do?

eeksie what an insult, certainly it’s a mixed emotion you’ll get that would make you smear nor raise a brow, trying to copycat you is not fun, well I got a very personal involvement with this article. Dated back in my college years, I encountered numerous girls in our school trying to imitate me and it irritates me sometimes, one of the many is this girl which came from the same commerce department with me. She is an average typical bacheloress. Unrecognized and her name is unheard unlike yours truly was popular amongst our collegiate from different departments and all levels even to all the college professors. I don’t mean to brag about it, just want to tackle more in details. I remember the commerce department officers trying to convince me and requesting me to represent our department for a prestigious beauty pageant held annually by our school. Other departments are talking to me under the table to shift course so I can represent their department. I don’t know how they come up with that joke but then yours truly is not interested in any glamourous and skin-deep display of beauty. I turn that down easily. Probably this when she started to get a pick on me.

I’m abberant and introvert like my sis. I spend most of my time in guidance counsellor office in which my sis and I worked as a peer facilitator. Dealing with students problems and mediating for them. I’m active in reach out project with my sis, that gave us less time in socializing with our collegiate. Frankly, I didn’t notice this girl for she ain’t remarkable. Another thing is I spend most of my time with my lil sis in our own lil world, whilst this copycat got her own set of peers. My memory never fails me yet, I still recall her name vividly, she is Angie.

One time were in the rest room my sis pin-point me that girl, My sis told me watch out for that girl seems trying to imitate you. That became a warning shot for me. I begun to fixed my eyes on her every time I got a chance. The very first signs was she change her mode of dressing to associates hers to mine. She even bought the same shoe style and same brand that I’m wearing. I can’t let it passed seeing her copying my hairstyle. No matter how I have my hair done, latter that day she’ll got it exactly fixed like mine.

We bumped in one day in the rest room, just I thought she would offer me smile or a nod. But this meanie is cheesy and very evasive. She doesn’t care what she had caused me. She inconsiderately pursue imitating me closely. The worst case scenario when she is unbelievably acting like me, sound like me, copying my every gestures and glances. Oh this biatch really went too far and sooo desperately thought that she is me, trying to erase me out of the picture and want to take my place which I don’t feel comfy at all.

Another shocking revelation, I found out that she is chasing this guy who obviously known in the campus that got a like on me. ohmahgosh, I absof***inglutely don’t care if they would both like each other, ermm sadly her effort turn into waste for she wasn’t fortunate enough to got a full power to turn that guy head to forcefully looked at her.

I want to smash her face nor confront her that’s my initial reaction when I firstly learn about her copycatting me. But then I take a deep breath and calm myself, maybe she got a fanaticism or strong admiration that’s why she is doing that. I suddenly let go of that annoying feeling instead I become flattered that I gave some noob an inspiration. It will be just fine unless she lay her hands on me or turns out to be aggressive and violent that would be very alarming. Anyway no matter how hard she tried to steal my identity, she still a
trying hard…
second best…
and she can’t never never never be me!


Al mal tiempo, buena cara :)