AIDS trivia

What is AIDS
HIV virus confirmed to be originated from non-human primates in Sub-Saharan Africa. The transmission between animals and human of viral mutation is known as zoonosis. The human acquisition of AIDS still remain theoretical and debatable until now. Researchers conducted numerous case studies nothing accurate come clear to put an end mark to the oral and written arguments.

Amongst the presented theories were the “cut hunter theory” it was said that the similar virus was transferred through the open wound of the African hunter by the means of chimpanzee infected blood. Thus, recent studies holds the claims of this theory. In foregoing studies, highly reputable scientist and scholar came out with the probable initial cause of this widespread deadly disease. They proposed that the transmission of virus evolved from the accidental vaccines contamination to the African people. Long time ago a rumor circulated that a man alone in the forest release his intense sexual urge and experimented himself mating with a monkey in long run this rumor die down. Though it may be true or not but it stay as hearsay unless proven and not supported..

The AIDS closely come into surface in the year 1980’s whereas some recorded homosexual from New York and California found to develop this rare illness. AIDS continuously transmitted through unprotected sex or usage of intravenous drug. And often times incorporated with groups unconventional act like of the sex workers, gay men and drug dependents.

According to the scientist, the first known case believed to be residing in Congo, Africa. A 49-year-old shipping clerk, Ardouin dies of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia after a postmortem examination by Dr. Gordon Hennigar quoted that Ardouin probably died of AIDS. It was said to believed that AIDS virus arrived at 1968 in USA but remained unknown for 12 years. After series of test conducted by molecular biologist at Tulane Universities in New Orleans the evidential proof of AIDS was found in the body of a teenager identified as Robert R. This follow by outgrowing numbers of people with AIDS documented cases.

AIDS is still in the Heighten alert and the prevailing cause that immensely affecting the lives of millions of people worldwide. In 2007 an estimated 33.2 million people suffering from AIDS and lost 2.1 million lives, including 330,000 minors over three-quarters of these deaths occurring in Sub-Sahara Africa alone.

World AIDS Day is being observed yearly every 1st Day of December. The red ribbon is the international symbol of AIDS awareness that can be worn all year round in order to support and aware the people about this cause. The platform of this non-profit group is to raise awareness to stop the universal spreading of this epidemic. The campaign key word to consider is
A– wareness
I– nformation
D– iscipline
S– afety