Churrasco: sizzling Brazilian BBQ

Churrasco ( shoo-RAS-koo) or Brazilian BBQ, was over 400 years of traditional method of cooking meat introduce by the gaúchos or cowboys of Southern or Sul region before it was brought known to other part of Brazil like Rio De Janeiro and São Paulo.

Churrasco or Brazilian BBQ contained a variety of meat and it was cooked not based on smoking meat like the usual standard way. The meat was coated by coarse or rock salt for roughly 30 minutes to sink in the flavour, before placing on the open fire. Basically the beef was not normally season or marinated only the poultry, lamb and pork were richly added some herbs and spices and marinated overnight.

The meat was placed on purpose-built “churrasqueira” support by spit or a long sword-like skewers and cooked over an open fire. The growing popularity of Brazilian BBQ were widely accepted around the world. Try swinging by and taste the original authentic BBQ style. Check on their excellent churrascarias or Brazilian Steakhouse near you.
Buen provecho!