Drag queen: form of expression

What is a drag queen? It’s a man typically acts or clothe like of woman representation often for the purpose of entertainment. Some drag artist done that for professional, art and for other personal purposes such as self-fulfillment, hobby or merely just a form of expression some normally done this whilst other just been drag once. Drag queen is prominent among gay community.

On other hand a majority of drag queen people are presumed to be gay men or transgender. Drag queen often dress in superfluous and extravagantly ostensible, with heavy make up and stunning hairstyles. That denotes a full drama and effect. They wear a catchy attire like a 6-inched high heel shoes, wigs, body-hugging dresses, sexy revealing clothes, coloured lenses, thick eyelashes that can really draw an attention.

Drag king is the opposite of drag queen, these are women who are clothe to take the male roles. Practically drag queen are distinctively dress to perform either on parade, pageant, cabaret, pub, disco, stage or in spotlight. Drag queen often prefer to be addressed as “she” instead of he and they are sometimes assert to be transvestites.