BEHEMOTH Frontman Battling Leukemia, needs URGENT Donor

Behemoth publicly announced a couple of days ago a sad news that their frontman guitarist/vocalist Adam Darski aka Nergal is battling with Leukemia and it’s not a good news for all metallers out there. That’s follow all the cancellation of their upcoming shows including in Russia and in Baltic states in September/October and US tour with Watain in November.

His Leukemia is in advance stage and chemotherapy cannot answer this but a bone marrow transplant. Nergal has been treated in Gdansk Medical University Hospital. His record label Metal blade humbly appealing for the people to participate in the marrow registry. They urgently need for a marrow donation that there will be more people would voluntary get tested and donate to find the compatible donor.

They want to enlighten people about the marrow donation process not only to save the leaders on metal music but also to save other leukemia sufferers who are struggling these days. On the other hand Behemoth and their record label Metal Blade never forget to extend their gratitude for all the support and well-wish they received from all the concern people.

It was reported that Nergal’s fiance Polish singer Doda already donated her marrow but it’s still under process if the DNA with match. Many of Behemoth fans show their all out support for the band whilst other Polish artist are currently organizing concert to raise awareness for this cause although no set date were announce yet.

We are praying for his early recovery. And hold on to God in times of distress. Hope he will not loose his grip in figthing for his disease. Keep the metal fire burning in your heart Nergal. The metal world needs you. Rock on!

If you would like to be a part of it and become a donor, probably you’re likely to be the good match

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