All About Condom

It’s plays a big role for sexual health. It was mass-produced primarily for safe sex, reduce the probability of pregnancy, enable the couples for family planning with favorable choices and acted as birth control.

It was all known to us the Vatican is against any artificial methods of birth control. They strongly opposes artificial contraception and distributing condoms were not the answer to Africa’s AIDS problem but rather abstinence and marital fidelity they stressed. Well they got a point here but this proposal is only applicable to those people who practice clean living, fidelity and natural sex. Thus,for those who are an AIDS victim,they should be the one to contraint theirselves, discipline and be responsible enough not to spread it to other people.

In general, condom was marketed to prevent, suspend even not to totally eliminate the widespread of sexually transmitted diseases for it’s impossibe. Moreover It’s the most handy, efficient and the most preferrable answer today.


1. Feb 14 celebrated as National Condom Day nor International Condom Day.
2. Condoms come in exciting flavour.
3. 5 billion condoms used each year…but it is not enough.
4. There are more than 100 brand to choose from.
5. The first condom was made from animal “skin” intestines used in 1000 bc
6. Glans condom was used during 15th century ( the device that covering only the head of the penis) some glans condom were made out of oiled silk paper, lamb intestine, tortoise shell or animal horn.
7. In 1666, it’s the first documented use of the word “condon” or the word or any other similar spelling.
8. Condom has expiration date, and it’s best until two years.
9. First appearance of condom or “capote” in french word during 200 AD, in Circa Fance.
10. It should be store in room temperature in order not to affect the elasticity and avoid the breakage.
11. It’s 99% protected and the one percent chances of unprotection was attributed to ignorance and improper usage of the product.
12. Charles Goodyear discover the natural rubber in 1839, which is too stiff when cold and too soft when warm. This contributed to the elasticity of condom. The rubber vulcanization of condom was patented by Goodyear in 1844
13. Latex condom can be damage by oil-based lubricants.
14. Condom became western world’s most popular birth control method at the end of 19th century.
15. Female condom were available since 1992, in Europe. It’s a polyurethane sheath or pouch approximately 17cm (6.5 inches) that is inserted into the vagina. It’s quite expensive than male condom.