zOMG! a Guy-hoarder

Hoarders don’t hoard undesirable rubbish or unwanted stuffs only for some hoarders hold an excessive habit to retain other things like hoarding pets and hoarding human ( guys or girls). Let me take for instance this girl as an example. This girl I’ve known prefers to remain single for life. She cares nothing but to catch guys attention.

These kind of people straightly hate commitment. They don’t want to be tie down into one person. They are afraid that once settled they’ll lose the chance of stabilizing their ground. They got a striking fear of losing their possession. None or only few of their friends knows about their ugly habit. They love every minute of keeping a lot of guys in their list for it help them boost their self-esteem and confidence level shoot up. Therefore they protect their property to the best way they can through manipulation.

Well this girl to shortly define, I don’t know her personally. I don’t want to waste my only time to this nonsense trivial guy-hoarder biatch but then she is the first thing that crossed my mind that really fit the shoe of what i’m talking about here.

She constantly filling her box by taking every guy in her life that she get attracted with nor prefer to have something with, to the point of getting down dirrrty with those guys. She got sense of accomplishment once her victim chart raise up to the roof. Mostly these hoarders are living in a delusional state, trying to convince theirselves and create a make-believe that having tons of guys around is the indication of greatness and thats how beautiful they are. Drowning theirselves to those beautiful lies leading to a hallucination. The worst thing about this girl is, she wouldn’t arrive to the bottom of it and she will never never never be satisfied. All she is and all she was born is to collect and collect till she drop.

Moreover, She is a certified whore in disguise. She doesn’t know the real essence of love for her love define as equal to all and love has no distinction. This states how she equally loved and cherish all her guy collections. This mark the general characteristic of a slut.

Oh wait you can’t normally seen them in bar, pub, as an escort nor sex-worker. They don’t looked desperate all the time. Large portion of them hide themselves in a shell. They often wash their hands and come clean. Pay heed to these following traits they often display in every aspect, firstly they are celebrated single, hate string attachment, in an open relationship, drama queen, denial queen, asexual, perfect liar, great pretender, everybody’s girl, significant others, best friends, friend with benefits or just a friend, and many more

Not all single girls or single guys are legitimately and legally free. They stick with this status to continuously enjoy their lifetime privilege. Beware to become a hoarder’s victim. Let them collect trash like them. Those guy-hoarder don’t deserves to be loved, not to be criticized but to be condemn!

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Al mal tiempo, buena cara :)