Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse, often utter to humiliate, defame and demoralize other. It’s a hostile language that can hurt one ear. It is also known as “reviling’. The abuser may intentionally or unintentionally express an abusive behavior in form of battering someone involving the use of profanity, without physical strain like blows, strikes or punches.

This deliberately throwing of harsh words sometimes it’s undeniably out of provocation rooted from a bad flow of communication, such as fight or argument, or unhealthy debate, whilst the abuser may forcibly or willingly utter to cause harm or to simply defend oneself like a counterattack nor reciprocation. Whilst most of the verbal abuser express hurting offensive words merely out of habit to cause pain in order to trigger the target’s emotion. Through assassination they can get the attention and the participation they need from their target.

Outburst, rages, foul words, swearing, malicious statements, insult, verbal assaults, nasty comments, name-calling are some forms of verbally abusive act that may ressolve to attack, harrass and harm someone particularly inflicting pychological violence.

These types of abuse is free from evidence for it leaves no visible scar, welt, wound or bruise. Most of the time the victim suffer in silence and isolation. Tending to become outbalanced, confused and stress. The victim noticebly has low self-esteem and afraid to open up or express oneself. They became aloof and undergone depression in the long run.

Apparently large percentage of these cases happen privately. And everybody can be a miserable victim and everyone without excuse can play as a perpetrator. Unfortunately there are no corresponding law in U.S. that responsible into this momentarily. But there are numerous groups established to give support and helping hand to aid the victim of verbal abuse.

Think first before you open your big mouth. Be sensible and considerate to the feelings of others. Handle words with care. Avoid regretting for something that you wish you didn’t said for words once said you cannot take it back it is irreversible. it’s like a gunshot once fire, it can get straight to the target and it can kill. If you got nothing good to say. Better not say anything. Just keep your mouth shut.