Teenage Sex: Disadvantage

Why teenager shouldn’t not engage in early sex?
Jeah I know how much hurt is your ear hearing that you’re supposed to avoid getting into this high-risk business. The DON’TS and CONS, the negative outcome and the consequences. Thus, you are deaf to hear and blind to see what’s going on in the real world. Why? Because the more you’re being suppressed the more you want to break free.

It’s verily known to you that annually there’s an increasing number of unwanted pregnancies occurring majority among our teenies, also the accumulating number of abortion cases which result out of protected sex another is the large percent of sexually transmitted diseases acquired by teenies these days. Despite of all of these why do teenies still engage in sex?

Teenagers are in transitional stage, they are vulnerable to copy the image generated by the popular culture. They are in experimental years wherein they try to fit in the shoe. As we all know that teenies are exposed in highly-sexualize world. Surely its media to blame for it is one of the easy handy access to poison the mind of these teenies. However through media also the negative and bad effect were also tackle and discussed. It’s not the matter of what is being feed on their mind, It’s all about the choice they take.

Teenies are mostly stubborn, they don’t care if they went out of line and go against the nature’s course. If you can’t be stopped then I wont mind, It’s your life and you’re the pilot of your own jet. I know it’s hard keeping yourself untouched till you get married like I did. But believe me this is high-price. And I’m loving every minute of it.

Bear in your mind that in every penetration you got it’s a loads of responsibilities awaits you. Protected sex is ninety-nine percent safe but there is one percent chances of unsafe sex. What if you unluckily fall into that one percent chances?Are you emotionally and financially stable? Are you ready to become a teen parents?.

Teenies between 11-16 are in their formative years their bones and reproductive organ are not fully developed. Childbearing at this early years incorporate numerous health risk problem not only to themselves but to the unborn child as well. They need extra care to reduce complications. Teen mom usually bears premature and low birth weight baby. Unfortunately only few of these premature baby survive. Whilst some of these babies tending to have mental and physical problems latter. Teen mom has a greater risk of bearing a baby with major birth defects.

Sex is good but Sex is responsibility. Think about it.