Ms. Universe 2010 After The Coronation

Out of 83 delegates The lovely Jimena Navarrete of Ms Mexico brings home the crown for Ms. Universe 2010. It was held at Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Hosted by Bret Micheals, frontman vocalist and lead guitarist of glam rock band Poison and Natalie Morales.

Jimena was born on the 22th of february, 1988 at Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. She stands at 1.74cm or 5ft 8 and half inches. She is a Mexican model and beauty pageant titleholder as Nuestra Belleza Mexico. She was one of children born in dentist parents and taking up Nutrition.

After the coronation night the titleholder surely got a hero’s welcome, a blast and a tons of offers. Meanwhile numerous comedic declaration are outpouring from the non-winning candidates after the proclamation. Whilst it’s hurting my ears and like big bang to my brain. It’s pissin me off hearing this punch line “I get nervous”. This is the lamest excuse a certain candidate can give for not winning.

Jellooo you ain’t funny race of a people. Don’t gimme such a dang nerve-wracking excuse. womg! Don’t tell me you are still new in that business.Think of how many public appearances you’ve been through? think of how many exposure you’ve got such as presscon, TV guesting, fashion show etc don’t tell me you still dealing with the butterflies in your stomach. That’s incredibly ridiculous and unbelievable.

Secondly, oh good heavens! it’s such a blatant lie that a certain finalist finding an escape citing this cliche’ that “she is nervous” during the question and answer portion! womg! Don’t spare yourself from the mess that you created there. Don’t come across from a far far away land just to display your ignorance and brag about it. You should be prepared, automatic and composed. Are you a slapstick? What happened to your beauty queen image? You just throw it away in that day! Now you looked like a cheesy clown jiving. I guess that prestigious stage is not meant for you, but a circus.

Why can you just courteously express your sincerest and deepest apology to your countrymen for not making it. Tell them that “I’m sorry I think I can, I didn’t mean to fail your expectation” Instead of making up overused excuses that you are “nervous”. Bear in your mind that you owe your title to your countrymen. They cater and extend you loads of preparation, they trained, supported, and gave you enough time to bring out the best in you plus let’s not disregard the full trust they gave you. So don’t ever come up with such unreasonable funny remarks. It’s not worth it. It makes no sense!

No one drag you. It’s out of free-will. You eagerly and voluntarily join that national contest to represent your country no one is pointing gun on you unless you are being harrassed by someone else but overall it’s your personal choice. You joined that contest because you have a strong belief in yourself that you are overly pretty, an overwhelming self-confidence that you are exceedingly qualified and stunning that you can swept all the delegates and bring home the bacon. Where’s that burning desire in you? It die down the moment your name wasn’t called? thus, on the other hand it’s will continuously burning alive and intense if you won. You’re a shameless coward! What then? You will walk head up, strut and flaunt your success in case you peck the crown. Is that how an attitude of a beauty queen supposed to be? Such a trash! if your reason for losing just because you got nervous, you’re a perfect drama queen, a real loser. You really deserved nothing.

In any competition saying “I get nervous is not an excuse” Can you accept to hear this coming from our players like for instance those who represent our country for olympics. Let’s put it this way “we are nervous”? or it’s much better that if it was re-phrase like this “we are doing our best but our opponents are real tough”
It is more acceptable, right?

Why can’t you just be honest to yourself and admit that there are more better girls than you or if they aren’t better nor prettier than you just try to be appreciative and consider their winning as a luck. It’s obviously they are fortunate enough, probably it’s their fate and not yours. Better luck next time.

And to Ms Mexico felicidades!