Mobile Scare: Have you ever had an Encounter with the Unseen?

Have you ever felt like someone is watching you? Although we barely can’t seen them with our naked eyes the probable chance is we can sense their presence. Certainly logistic and science-based will search the weakpoint of my claims by bringing out the loops and holes and demerit me as I’m having a delusion. Too much dependency to science creates a rigorous mind that generates skepticism which doesn’t affirmed other possibilities. Moving on this may be the perfect grounds for a thinker to pick a battle with the believer.

Since the creation of Earth and it’s magnitude. Science sustained us with array of speculation and theories. Numerous studies were conducted in order to satisfy men’s curiosity. How life was formed? the abiogenesis, evolution and many other evidences correlate to the life form and existence of man remain a huge puzzle with a missing piece. Formulating a dodgy, arguable and not an absolute conclusion until science will finally confirmed the “only fact” that God is behind all of these, this case still unclose and debatable.

Observed that in every unexplained findings, Science always consider it as an imaginary product, an illusion, delusion or hallucination. They are inconsiderate to welcome that Earth is full of mysteries and unexplained strange phenomena. They blindly ignore that we are dealing with the unseen.

I believed that most of us had or having encounter strange and unexplained things in their life. I’m fortunate to impart my astonishing, bewildering, eccentric, supernatural and paranormal experience with you which i’m going to relate on my upcoming post. I hope you stay tune for that. For a moment I want to share one of strange experience that has to do with our digital age. It’s more of techie so to speak.

It was a very fine day a very timely to spend a moment with my sister. It’s typically normal until our mamma came home. The three of us were gathered at the table taking our dinner. Mamma begun to talked about her trip that day and she uttered.

“…your brother message me, I don’t know It’s a different number.”
she continues…
“check my inbox it’s there”

Well I grab her mobile right away for my brother also inbox me an hour ago but not with different number, so then it really made me think why there’s a sudden change. I begun to felt uneasy coz brother was away and I’m crossing my fingers that everything is well with him there.

Womg! my jaw dropped full of amazement. I was astound to found out the one who message my mom is my old unused mobile that I had kept for more than a years in my locker at that very home. How come that mobile number that is no longer working can send message? and how come it message my mom when nobody is typing there? So who could have used that?
Well good atleast message is not a threat nor a scary note to deal with, it is very friendly, genial and gentle one. The message pertains to informing mom about our internet at home fell that time which really happening that moment.

I also got another encounter with supernatural thing, ermm it’s more than a year ago but this one is remarkable. That time my dad’s good friend is suffering from cancer and he is undergoing a cist removal operation at the hospital. He is a good trusthworthy dedicated cop. We are like a close family friend that considering one another like a distant relatives already.

At exactly 9 o’clock night, he is trying to reach my dad’s mobile. Dad missed the two phone calls. Then dad told me I’m going to smoke outside if he calls back answer it for me. Then on his third call, I pick up the phone but he didn’t answer on the other line. I put it down and told dad about it, dad tries to places a call but his number is out of reach.

After maximum of fifteen minutes or so we received message from him. In his text he said that, ” bud, go and visit my wife and my children, they are in misery now and they need you there, thanks.”

Early morning the next day, dad rush to see his friend’s family. When dad reach their place he found out that his friend is already dead, he died in the afternoon of that day. Dad told the wife that he message me. The wife said no one touching his phone because his mobile set with lock code and no one knows the passcode.

Strange isn’t it? A dead can send message on mobile. Not all things can be explained by science. Not all is answerable by theories, experiments and research. This world is not intended for seen creatures only. Remember God is the creator of all things he created all the seen and unseen. And everyday we have an encounter with this unseen. That’s the mystery of life.


Al mal tiempo, buena cara 🙂