Jealousy is Normal

What is Jealousy?Also known as green-eye monster, it is an emotion that entertain negative thoughts, these strong feelings basically rooted from insecureness.
Whenever a certain person is battling with her own personal issue such as insecurity she became frail and overly sensitive this tending to generate fear and anxiety that cause jealousy to overrule.

Jealousy and love is like day and night. You can’t have one without the other. It always go together. It’s a feeling that normally occurs once a person got an intense love or strong emotion with someone. Barely based on my own personal experience I resort to become jealy only to those persons I possessed or own, like my hubby and family for I’m always dwelling with my own fear that I will lose them that someone will snatch them from me. This trigger my jealousy and from the moment I’m dealing with it I became paranoid sometimes.

Jealousy is prevalent in all forms of relationship such as friendship, romantic, siblings, significant other and more. It is not only visible to human relationship but animal display jealousy as well. It was observed that even infants demonstrate this feeling particularly when the attention of their mother is diverted to another.

Jealousy is normal part of life. It should be understood. And help the person dealing with it to overcome by means of securing one jealy person that there is nothing to fear. Jealousy is not bad as long as it’s not destructive and in a grave degree.