Social Butterfly

Social butterfly is the term use to define someone who is easy-going and socially inclined person. Someone who is overly gregarious and loves to attend any social gatherings particularly partying, barhopping, clubbing wherein crowd spawned like chock-a-block.

She best describes as a very popular, friendly, cool. She can be made friends even to strangers but not a deep relationship with them. She easily starts a relation then break up.

Social butterfly is term used to beautify the act of someone who is seen as slut or a flirt.

Hollywood is filled with glitz and glamour nevertheless, it is also surrounded with social butterflies. Rumored are the following hot celebs one of them is the heiress Paris Hilton, the Real Housewives of D.C. Michaele Salahi that she straightly denies being a social butterflies another is Scarlett Johansson who also stated being not to be seen as that considering she was never been to any scandal. Thus,  Lindsay Lohan who would definitely make up our list.