What is Fanaticism? Signs to Consider

Fanaticism, is an irrational and irregular excessive belief on something. It involves uncritical and unreasonable zeal, faith and enthusiasm particularly with religion, cult, pop culture benchmark set in the field of music, entertainment, politics or even with “only” one person.

Fanatics mostly demonstrate the following traits, display close-mindedness. Mostly they are frail person that openly get affected or easily drag into the pit or in some point they can be defined as people who don’t have their “own minds”. Which they tends to submit fully without using logical and cognitive way of thinking. These people are prone to throw away their life, destroy it without hesitation or second thought.

Signs to Consider

They mostly have too much dependency to what they believe in, too much confidence, trust and reliance tending them to become narrow-minded. Their world surrounds basically with one thing they believe in, all their hopes, desire, dreams, goals, fantasies and everything about their life encompassed into it. They follow and copy what their idol is doing and they sometimes even suggest it to their peers. They spend a sumptuous amount of time just to devout with their idol. They live their life according to the footstep of their idol. “They do what their idol say or what it does tell them” If in case it asked them to jump into the cliff they will, if they have been asked to lie on the ground and let their body rundown by the train, they will also. Whether it bad nor negative effects, even if it would asked them to give up their life, they will follow voluntarily. That’s how they are, the life of FANATICS!