Years Forward After 9/11 Bombing

Years Forward, after the terrifying, unforgivable event that shock the entire humanity. The heartless, merciless, inhuman act turn thousands of life into amaranthine days of emptiness and bereavement.

From the laborious non-stop operation in searching for victims bodies who were buried in the huge manhole. There were reported bodies that still remain unfound. Families who have lost the lives of their love ones are struggling out of  deep grievances, henceforth they still lit one candle in these disconsolate searches, a hope that is keep burning in their heart that the body of their departed will be found one day and it will be honourably given a decent burial.

Bring into mind that one morning of 11th day of September 2001, a series of coordinated suicide attacks by Al-Qaeda terrorizing United States. The hijackers were onset airliners that aimed to crash within the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, New York. Bloody thirsty hijacker are out to throw away their own lives and to killed thousands of innocent.

The towering and the most influential buildings of the world were just being watched by millions of helpless and powerless defenseless people as the building collapsed into bits of pieces  within two hours, leaving thickened ashes and dust, a higher death tolls and casualties. There were also reported lung disease acquired by the people who have been exposed in the area.

This tragedy open the mind of the masses how extreme that attacker can go beyond by applying their merciless destructive tactics. Something that you wouldn’t even think of, real truth came into surface underneath the terrorist dangerous mind. As the years move forward let’s not forget how the act of terrorism took away thousands of life that easy without resentment.

All people of the world let’s have a moment of silence in memory of  9/11 bombing and let’s condemned terrorism!