Are you a Sexorexics?

Its is when a person feels bad about himself. Physical aspect is one of the contributing factor that affecting the sexorexics. Every time they see themselves in the mirror they felt disgusting about themselves  making them felt unwanted and unworthy.

Their looks matter, their size matters, every failing details or defect tending them to suffer into solitude. They lose their self-esteem, felt down and insecure about themselves. For that reason they seclude themselves  and refrain their selves  from sex.

Sexorexia define when a person deny their selves  from engaging into any sexual activity or any sexual intercourse or the other way around they binge their selves and starve with sex after.

Basically people who are suffering from weight problems mostly demonstrate this illness. Any gender can be sexorexics, like aneroxics deprive themselves from any food intake a sexorexia sufferers they push away their intimate partner and withhold from sex.

We can not consider large portion of people abstaining from sex is sexorexics, for some of them might be dealing with other psychological problems. If for instance a housewife turn down her hubby for sex  most of the time and displaying disinterest in sex, you can not assumed that she is completely sexorexics. Nonetheless the couples engage sexual intercourse in very limited times, the least can be once or twice sexual intercourse in a year.

The moment they lose their self-trust no matter how they value or love a certain person they became afraid to open up and keep them selves locked in and away.

If you are sexorexics don’t be afraid to come out from your shell. Seek the help of professional healthcare provider to be given proper treatment. There are numerous therapy conducted to help a sexorexics and it works.