Pregorexia: Starving unexpectant mom

Pregorexia non-medical term coined from media usually addressed to a mom-to-be celebs who are conscious in maintaining her figure during her pre-natal and latter the term became widely used.

It’s a eating disorder exhibiting by a pregnant woman who is dealing with weight problems. They don’t eat for they are afraid to gain weights.  Thin celebs became their greatest influences. And staying slim is their general passion and obsession.

It’s a condition wherein a pregnant woman starve herself and the baby. Disallowing their body for any food in-take, this boot out their body to become underweight same with the baby. They follow certain course of diet normally not a well-balance diet which is dangerous and not suitable for pregnant mom who are nurturing unborn baby in their belly.

More importantly an expectant mom  should not be in the diet for  her unborn baby is susceptible to be undernourished too. There’s a higher risk that underweight expected mom could be much damaging and hazardous both to the mother and her unborn baby. The baby is vulnerable to suffer physical and developmental problems such as ADHD, anemia, heart ailments, birth weight problems. This could also leads to premature and other life threatening problems.

A pregnant mom should not be focused on how she will looked before and after pregnancy. The mere fact that she should be selfless and take in consideration for life in her belly who is depending on her.