Fetus in Fetu: A-1-year-old Found Pregnant

Fetus in fetu is a rare developmental abnormality condition in which a mass of tissue resembling fetus were enveloped in a normal developing fetus. Fetus in fetu, mostly occurs in the very early years of pregnancy, it’s a when the fetus failed to separate but rather it were trapped inside the other one. The trapped fetus acts like a parasite to the host, tapping into the twin’s blood supply to stay alive. The carrier will be in much pain if the fetus grows inside.

Fetus in fetu originally described by Meckel in the late 18th century. It was then under a rare pathologic condition, with 79 cases reported in the literature. The chances to have fetus in fetu is estimated 1 in 500,000 live births whilst 2:1 male predominance. Fetus in fetu usually develop in abdominal mass for the first year but there are other presented location such as cranila cavity and the scrotum. It often times single when it was developed but there were other cases when there are multiple fetuses in fetus found.

Numbers of cases  draw attention worldwide and one of those is the case of 1-year-old baby diagnose pregnant in Saudi Arabia. The doctors found this case unique in the world! According to the Medical Science Report says : “When the mother of this child was pregnant, she had 2 fetuses inside her. But one of the fetus grew inside the other, this why this girl was born with the other fetus inside her womb.”

Recently another baby was found carrying baby in her belly, she is kang Mengru from Beijing, China because of the rarity of this case the doctors were  caught shock and leave her parents worried tremendously about the evidently unusual enlargement of her belly. The medical team found out that the fetus inside Mengru’s belly is he parasitic twins after undergoing  CT scan